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Please, consider the following terms of use of the GPS-Trace Orange service:

  • each user has the right and ability to connect and track up to 5 units per account: 1 car + 4 personal trackers or smartphones;
  • each user can create up to 20 notifications and 15 geofences per account and use them for his own purposes;
  • messages from units are stored 30 days on the server;
  • accounts are not deleted upon request, they are deleted automatically after 90 days of non-use (the last log in)
  • user understands and accepts that the GPS-Trace Orange service do not take any responsibility for any losses or harm that was done during or as a result of using the service;
  • being free the GPS-Trace Orange service does not guarantee service workability, security and storage of received information;
  • GPS-Trace Orange can’t be used for commercial purposes;
  • the rules and limits mentioned above may be changed at any time and without any notification;
  • GPS-Trace Orange does not take any responsibility for problems with laws that may occur due to the service use.
  • The terms come into action since the account has been created.