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Updates on new GPS Trace!

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Posted 22 July 2019 - 15:07 PM

Hello dear GPS Trace users. 
It’s been ages since the last major update of our service, and today we announce that a big GPS Trace update is planned to be released in June 2019. 
This time we will cover the whole product: the user interface, the backend, the functionality, the concept, and even gps-trace.com website. 
So, what kind of software will new GPS Trace be? When we started working on a new version of the platform, our main goal was to make it more productive and easy-to-use. That is why GPS Trace will have a totally new, modern and user-friendly interface. It will be powered by a brand-new backend that was developed from scratch and, as a result, new GPS Trace will be much faster and more stable than the previous version. 
These facts also touch upon GPS Trace Mobile. Fully functional mobile versions for iOS and Android will inherit all the functionality from the web version of the software and will allow users to build tracks, geofences, share location and do other useful things from mobile phones. 
When the first version of new GPS Trace is released, it will have a range of limitations and restrictions as well as some current GPS Trace’s features missing. But no worries here, more features will come as far as the software is developed. You can check major specs of the new GPS Trace below.
Main GPS Trace functionality (for both web and mobile versions):
  • online monitoring,
  • trip detection (stops and parkings),
  • geofencing,
  • tracks,
  • notifications (including mobile push notifications),
  • location sharing,
  • units history,
  • new, simplified GPS tracker connection mechanism.
Similar to the current version of GPS Trace, the new software will have some restrictions:
  • max. number of units per account —  2 units,
  • max. number of geofences — 15 geofences,
  • max. number of notifications — 20 notifications,
  • unit history limit — 10 days.
Please note that the current version of GPS Trace will be supported along with the new one, so you could choose the version that is more convenient for you.
In the future, we will share more information about new GPS Trace. So please, feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on this count and be sure, we will take them to account making the product user-friendly and more efficient for you.   ;)
Best regards,
Gurtam Team

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Posted 26 July 2019 - 14:34 PM

Dear GPS Trace users, today, I am writing to you to announce that our team has completed the development of new GPS Trace, and we are ready to come up with the new versin of the software. 

The update is planned to be released on July 24th-26th and will touch upon almost all the aspects of GPS Trace.
  • The website. The software will get a new, user-friendly website available in English, Russian and Spanish. It will include all the necessary help materials and instructions to make the use of GPS Trace as simple and convenient as possible. 
  • The back-end or server part. GPS Trace has received a brand-new backend that has been developed from scratch using the Gurtam Space platform. As a result, GPS Trace became much faster, efficient and stable.
  • The interface. Our main goal was to make it simple and user-friendly at the same time. That is why GPS Trace received a new design, features, tools as well as the general logic on the interface. 
  • The limits. Similar to the previous version, the new GPS Trace has some functional restrictions, like the number of tracking units, geofences, the messages history and others. You can read more about them here.
  • GPS Trace Mobile. New GPS Trace will be available as a fully-functional application on both iOS and Android. This means that you will have 100% of the software functionality on your mobile phone.
  • Technical support. Apart from the technical support provided on the forum, new GPS trace will also include Quick Start and FAQ sections. There you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions and the detailed instructions on how to start using the software.
At first, new GPS Trace will be available as Beta and will work along with the old GPS Trace service. This means that you will be able to track your units using both the new and old platforms until new GPS Trace is stable. Please note that you will be to add units in new GPS Trace only, using the GPS trackers supported for this version. Unfortunately, in old GPS Trace it will no longer be possible to add new units. 
If you have any questions related to new GPS Trace, please feel free to forward them to info@gps-trace.com or ask them at our forum.

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Posted 26 July 2019 - 15:10 PM

Dear customers, today is the first day of the new version that is still in beta. We will do our best to improve it taking to account your notes. Thank you for your feedback. 



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Posted 26 July 2019 - 16:32 PM

Important notes about new GPS Trace!


Since the new version of GPS trace was released, we have faced a number of questions from our users. So, we decided to share some important notes and answers to your questions.


User accounts migration from GPS Trace 1.0 to the new version. 

Users from GPS trace 1.0 were migrated to the new version. This means that you can log in to new GPS trace at m.gps-trace.com using your login and password (those you used to have at GPS trace 1.0). 

In case you face an error that states that your login or password is incorrect, this means that you caught an issue we faced during the migration. This is a temporary problem on our side that will be fixed 100% over the weekend (by Monday evening latest).  In case the issue persists on Tuesday, please let us know via email info@gps-trace.com . The best-case scenario is that most of the accounts will be ready later today.


Creating new units on GPS Trace 1.0 

When the new GPS Trace was released, we disabled the possibility to create new units on the old version. This means that using GPS Trace 1.0 you can track the units you created previously, but can not add new units. Instead, you can create and add new units to the new software version.


Adding units to new GPS Trace.

Due to the fact that the new version of GPS Trace uses different server IPs, ports and has an absolutely new hardware processing server, it supports not all the devices GPS Trace 1.0 supported. 

This means that now, at new GPS Trace you can add only the units from this list

Please also note, that when you create a new device in the new version the software generates new IPs and ports for your trackers. Please check the quick-start guide to avoid any further issues.


Units migration from GPS Trace 1.0 to a new version. 


Though the backend of the new platform is different from the old one, we managed to migrate active units from the old to the new software, though these devices received unusual Ids, IPs and ports. Please do not change the settings of the migrated devices in order to avoid any issues. Please also note: if you remove the devices migrated from GPS Trace 1.0 it will not be possible to restore them.


Some trackers were not migrated or no data from the devices on both new and old platforms. 

We have recently faced some serious issues on the side of our datacenter, which is not related to the release of the new version of the platform. This affected the workflow of our software and the display of telematics data on GPS Trace 1.0. The whole team is working hard to resolve these issues and we expect to have everything fixed over the weekend. 


We are sorry, these problems affected you and will do our best to resolve them ASAP.

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Posted 05 August 2019 - 19:52 PM

Hello dear GPS Trace users. Our team is working hard to integrate all the trackers that worked in GPS Trace 1.0 to the new version of the platform. 

Please stay tuned with our news.

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