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#47376 Transmit data over gps

Добавил sherif_hafez75 на 01 Августа 2017 - 00:29

Hi, please clarify. If the sim card inside the GPS device is get corrupted or not working for any reason can the device still locate my unit in the web site using the gps signal or that will make the connection with the unit copleatly lost? Please clarify. Thanks,
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#54683 Any way to delete a track?

Добавил Гость на 05 Ноября 2017 - 20:22

Hey there guys,


I cannot seem to find an option which would allow me to delete the tracking history / specific track? Is it possible to do that, if so, how? Thanks in advance!


-kind regards-


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Добавил pach на 18 Мая 2017 - 07:34

josepardo, you can do it in our commercial software.

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Добавил pach на 15 Мая 2017 - 06:30

josepardo, there are no such feature at the gps-trace site but you can check our commercial version.

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#46964 Quero montar um proprio servidor de rastreamento.

Добавил junimrv@gmail.com на 19 Июля 2017 - 17:23

Boa tarde a todos!

Eu tenho interesse de montar um proprio servidor de rastreador com minha marca e tudo mais, alguem pode me dar alguma ajuda informação de como posso estar conseguindo fazer esse servidor?

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#54636 Exclui unidade tk 103-2

Добавил Гость на 05 Ноября 2017 - 11:54

Acidentalmente exclui minha unidade tento criar outra e diz que tem um erro pois o número e o id ja está sendo usado e agora?
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#47039 Limited login / temporary restricted guest account

Добавил Гость на 23 Июля 2017 - 14:54

Is it possible to modify my existing account to add a guest with restrictions?


It would be useful for demonstration purposes to be able to give out a temporary login with restricted use to the map so that I could demonstrate the trackers capabilities within the mapping system.


The restrictions would stop them modifying any settings.

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#41328 List of parameters

Добавил sergi на 21 Января 2017 - 10:57

It would be very useful to know the meaning of the parameters appearing on the trace monitoring, such as, for example:






(mcc=  mnc= lac= cell_id= ) appear to be positioning values. i.e. cell location data.


I have tested both the AGPS 010 and the AGPS 020 units and they show diffenent parameters on the web. While AGPS 020 shows battery pwr, AGPS 010 doesn't, for example.


It would be good that anybody could provide a list of the meaning of the parameters the web shows.



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#23155 more trackers in the same account

Добавил pach на 20 Сентября 2016 - 05:03

Yes, check here.

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#14126 "Hash check not passed" - None there!

Добавил pach на 03 Октября 2015 - 22:26

When entering a GPS Tag Orange for the first time you do not need to register anything you simply fill in login and password for your current account ("Lenros").

If you still face any problems please provide a screenshot.

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#57821 Tracking Not Updated

Добавил Гость на 22 Ноября 2017 - 08:51


I have an intermittent problem that shows up every now and then. The problem is basically that tracking does not get updated for few minutes and sometimes even hours.

I am trying to figure out if this a server-related problem, a problem caused by my tracking device, or a network provider problem.

My tracker is a TK103-2 pointing to Server IP: and Server port: 20462.

So, whenever I notice this problem I call my tracker but it does reply back with an SMS giving an updated true location. So, it is not a problem with my tracker.

Now, I need your advice to figure out what is causing this problem and how to solve it?

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#21239 activation device

Добавил pach на 06 Июля 2016 - 09:39

ferjanimedamir, log into the monitoring iterface from here http://gps-trace.com/

Click on the "+" icon in the lower right corner and you will see the required fields:

Name, Device type, Unique ID

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#46805 Wialon Hosting & GPS-TRACE ORANGE - how are they related?

Добавил Гость на 12 Июля 2017 - 12:29

Wialon Hosting : Change server IP to

GPS-TRACE ORANGE : Change server IP to  


Could someone please explain the difference between these 2 - I can see there is a difference in the end IP address but how are they connected?


Is it the same company?


Do I have a choice which one I connect to?


Are either of them chargeable?

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#44981 Accidentally delete unit/device

Добавил pach на 26 Мая 2017 - 10:39

jokoariwibowo, there is a unit with the gps TRACKER PAPA in your own account which uses the ID.

And the data is recieve so everything is working as far as I see.

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#22949 City in the profile settings

Добавил Funt на 08 Сентября 2016 - 08:06

As I understand, after logging in the city from profile should be displayed. But in my case there is always London on the map.

I have not yet added any units.

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#47255 Can login to gps-trace.com but not orange.gps-trace.com

Добавил pach на 26 Июля 2017 - 05:05

RAV4Tracker, copy and paste login and password.

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#21935 How to know the devise is on sleep mode or lost signal ? both status show as red

Добавил pach на 04 Августа 2016 - 13:20

Such features are only available for the commercial version.

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#46031 Queclink GV55 on orange.gps-trace and svcs.gps-trace

Добавил pach на 26 Июня 2017 - 10:40

on-off, check the screenshot:Screenshot from 2017-06-26 13:39:28.png


If you want to use more than 1 vehicle type devices you can register a second account or use our commercial software.

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#45357 How to download Raw Data from Orange?

Добавил pach на 07 Июня 2017 - 05:06

sgkenw, if you want to have an option to download different kinds of reports you can check our commercial software.

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#40819 Can't see annotations on the map

Добавил rizhoff на 21 Декабря 2016 - 11:09


I added a new device Xexun XT-009. It seems compatible with Xexun TK102. Everything works fine so far. I deleted the device I previously had - GPS Tag Orange for Android.


The only issue that I have is that I can't see annotations on the track history that I used to have for my old device. I am not sure if I use the correct word for that, but you can see in the attachment what I mean. In "GPS Tag Orange Annotations.png" there is info about date/time and speed. It's a screenshot from my old device on "svcs.gps-trace.com". Now I don't have that. 

But on "orange.gps-trace.com" I see those annotations, see the attached file "Xexun.png"


And obviously, my question is how to get those annotations on the track.


My device ID is 861172035468599




Прикрепленные миниатюрные изображения

  • GPS Tag Orange Annotations.png
  • Xexun.png

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