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a few comments to servis

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#1 Guest_nowakj_*

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Posted 21 January 2015 - 11:25 AM


I use the translator so I apologize in advance for linguistic blunders. I use two servis GPS Tace and other free. Object tracking is good in GPs Tracking no major comments so as not to obscure the image. For me it is important to preserve the history  to see where he was building during the day and keep it in the movie file, and here it is in my opinion a big problem. Despite the many advanced settings I cant do a few simple things. This relates to the old and new version further. At the beginning I wanted to make one assumption.

Often the object moves along the same road several times a day.

The consequence is that

 when I watch story multiple lines merge

flag with the date and time merge or lack thereof

I see the object but I do not know of which time there was

I do not know how much last stop


for this reason, it is practically useless option even though it has advanced settings, animations, etc.



advantage to the previous version is still visible screen

I only wish that this broad is the navigation bar at the bottom where I can see the speed with which the object moves but I do not see where it's like the old version. I can not check by moving quickly anywhere in the route.


I use interchangeably with other servis. Is very simple but has everything you need.

If it is possible to insert a short movis  from onother servis because it can speak more than words. Such a sample may be about 5 MB

I keep every day and the movis is shorter and more accurate than this.

Now this does not work servis sample litter as I can move.




#2 Guest_poal_*

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 08:01 AM



Sorry, but i could not understand the main idea? Could you describe briefly functions you need?

#3 Guest_nowakj_*

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 10:44 AM


remarks apply only track player

I need a quick and precise information obout object position in track player.

Default line tickness is to fat. In old wersion i used 2px. that was good 3 px is maximum.

I need time information of the object at each node. In the old version was it available for separate window together with an address.
This function should return is necessary.
Flags appear from time to time and with a large number of movements on the same route it gets messy.

Lines connecting the nodes break from time to time

When I first saw the new version I was glad to be a preview is available on the entire screen. However, I wish we had a track player options.
Maybe this can be changed?

I need quick information about object. I need quick information during playback route. I do not have time to slowly the object
 tracking in proportion to the speed and stop watch in proportion to the downtime. I often have to wait several seconds or longer.
 Shame on this time. Proportional time is cool as a curiosity but hardly useful.
The old version was an option one second one node but it did not work well (the object was moving slowly and once again
 very soon, I do not know why). Stops show for a long time.
Can you do a one ping options one second. short stop 2, 3 seconds longer much more.The whole time information is included at the
time of neighboring nodes without waiting, indicating only a shorter layover or longer.Now I use the gps trace orange monitor
 because the service that I used for a week is not working. I have saved on the hard disk tracks of the last two years,
 sometimes I look up to them now, because I need to save all the information , then you can no longer add thread.
and so, for example, stop for an hour 18.25 to 21.53 lasts only 12 seconds. It seems to me that this is not proportional
 but benefited from some records.

I rip all routes to wmv file. When I use the orange file size is 6 times greater the old my servis and I do not have all the information.

will show how it is simple and fast system

- I can see the whole screen
- at the top of the window with the address and speed
- next to the calendar to quickly select the day
- the time slider at the bottom, and the exact time of the object
- I'm holding the slider immediate access to any place
- two stops
15.11-15.37 only 5 seconds and
15.50-17.11 only 9 seconds

the day propping in file 42 MB and 5,39 minute , route 57 km and 9:33,24 stops
try to paste a 42 sec the file

is not possible?

#4 Guest_poal_*

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Posted 28 January 2015 - 08:32 AM



thank you for all your suggedstions, we will consider them in our future changes.

#5 Guest_nowakj_*

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Posted 27 February 2015 - 15:54 PM

whether it is possible in this case improvement actions track player in old version?

I use the option "1 min per sec" with  Ignore messages with zero speed and without but both act not quite usefully.

Without "Ignore messages with zero spped" stops is getting longer unbearable.

With "Ignore messages with zero spped" at stations and some other records moves like crazy.

so bad and so is not well

if you can do so to stops even very long lasted for a few seconds and the movement was smooth, actually 1 min per sec ?

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